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For residential or commercial water treatment in Perham, contact Ben Holzer Unlimited Water. We'll keep your water worry-free!

Ben Holzer Unlimited Water, LLC is proudly owned by Adam Holzer: a licensed, bonded and certified master water conditioner who began working for his father when he was 12 years old. Alongside his mother and office manager Char Holzer, Adam is continuing a tradition of quality water treatment solutions across Otter Tail County, MN.

Here are the services that carry the Holzer name across the greater Perham area!


Water Softeners

Minnesota has hard water. It’s still the best state, but it really gives you no other option than to get a water softener. Dry skin, dingy clothing and stained bathroom fixtures are only the start of your problems if you don’t soften our state’s famously hard water.

If clogged pipes don’t sound fun to you, then Ben Holzer Unlimited Water is at your service. We carry high-quality residential and commercial water softeners by Hydrotech.

We will quickly assess your home or business’s water softening needs. We will recommend the water softener model which best falls in line with your lifestyle and budget. And because “Water Softener Effectiveness” are our three middle names, we are always available to service and maintain all makes and models of water softeners.


High Hardness Water Softeners

Have you been blessed with exceptionally hard water? Once we have confirmed whether that’s truly the case, we will recommend the heavy-duty water softener for your extraordinary needs.

We install and service the HEDP Series two-tank system by Hydrotech. It’s suitable for water as hard as >75 grains per gallon. It utilizes salt-efficient upflow regeneration, which is part of the reason why it’s more cost-effective than a larger single-tank system. It is also suitable for apartment communities and light commercial use.


Softener Salts

Enhanced water softening. It’s our mission, and a large part of it includes selling high-quality softener salts. Our salts are suitable for all water softeners – residential and commercial – and are available for pickup at 42604 State Hwy 108, Perham (appointment required). Come pick up a pallet for a bulk discount!

If moving a pallet of salt sounds like the last thing you’d ever want to do, then please consider our home delivery service. Just let us know where you want us, when you want us, and how many 40-pound bags of salt to bring over.


Reverse Osmosis System

Do you want perfectly pure and absolutely tasteless crystal clean drinking water? Then you want Holzer! We carry the Aqua Flo 475 Series reverse osmosis system. So long as you occasionally replace its cartridge, your Aqua Flo will remove over one dozen different chemical contaminants from your water. It’s the ultimate investment in water quality.

Do you just want to remove microorganisms from your water – without using chemicals? Ask about our ultraviolet disinfection system, which kills E. Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and many other germs you don’t want anywhere near you, let alone inside you.

The next time you need residential or commercial water treatment in Perham, contact Ben Holzer Unlimited Water. We’ll make sure your water never gives you a hard time!


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