Why It Matters 

Most Americans are concerned about the quality of their drinking water. If you’re one of them, then you are probably looking for one of the most effective methods for filtering water at your home or commercial property. Strongly consider adding a reverse osmosis filtration system, as it is likely to be your very best bet!


What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Osmosis is the spontaneous and passive passage of water through a semipermeable membrane. Reverse osmosis achieves the same end – it merely pressurizes the water molecules so they exit the stronger, contaminated solution and enter the weaker, purer one.

Unlike carbon or chemical filtration, which require drinking water to be exposed to certain substances, reverse osmosis simply forces water through a membrane. Because the pores of a reverse osmosis system’s membrane are approximately 0.0001 microns in diameter, only water molecules can pass through them. Even salt molecules are too large to penetrate the membrane!


What Are the Benefits of Reverse Osmosis?

Over one million Americans currently have reverse osmosis filtration systems. Why are they becoming increasingly popular? Because their benefits are manifold, immediate, and surprisingly affordable to boot!

  • Reverse osmosis is effective. Reverse osmosis is outstandingly effective at its purpose. A typical system removes up to 99.9 percent of lead from drinking water, as well as up to 98 percent of chlorine, up to 98 percent of cadmium, and up to 99 percent of pesticides. Better yet, reverse osmosis is highly effective at removing biological contaminants like Cryptosporidium and Giardia (parasites that cause diarrheal disease and are commonly transmitted through drinking water), as well as harmful bacteria and viruses such as E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A and Norovirus.
  • Reverse osmosis is better than bottled water. The Environmental Protection Agency has strict standards for tap water. The Food & Drug Administration, which sets the criteria bottled water must meet, has lax standards by comparison. Furthermore, reverse osmosis is far more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Nearly half a trillion plastic bottles are used every year. Home water filtration helps reduce that insanely high number!
  • Reverse osmosis can make food taste better. A reverse osmosis system is also effective at removing fluoride (up to 92 percent). The anion is typically added to municipal water because it helps prevent tooth decay. Although it is claimed not to alter the flavor of food, more than a few chefs agree that cooking tastes better when it is prepared without fluoridated water. As a side note, if you are an aquarium enthusiast who insists on providing their pets with the cleanest, healthiest home, a reverse osmosis system will remove minerals that are harmful to fish before they can be absorbed through gills.

If you would like to drink healthy, pure, and completely flavorless water at your home or place of business in Perham, MN or the surrounding lakes community, then we welcome you to contact Ben Holzer Unlimited Water today. We install and service reverse osmosis filtration systems that are suitable for all types of properties, and we’re standing by to serve all your drinking water needs!