When we say “hard water,” we’re not talking about ice. We’re talking about water that contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium – two minerals that can cause big trouble for any residential or commercial plumbing system.

Hard water is a common problem in Central Minnesota, where groundwater has to pass through mineral-laden rock and soil before arriving at residents’ homes and businesses. Hard water causes a wide variety of woes, including:

  • Restricted water flow. Calcium and magnesium both like to cling to the interior walls of water supply pipes. This is known as “scaling,” and it gradually restricts water flow by making pipes narrower.
  • Shortened water heater lifespan. Scaling also forms a barrier between a water heater’s burners and its tank. That forces the water heater to work harder to achieve the same result – accelerating wear and tear in the meantime.
  • Scaly buildup. Have you noticed a hard, brown film on your shower tile or around your faucets? That’s hard water in action!
  • Spotty glasses and dishes. Hard water has a tendency to deposit minerals on everything it touches. Your plates and glasses are no exception.
  • Poor lathering. Calcium solutes react with the sodium stearate contained by soap. That makes it impossible to get a good lather while you’re washing your hands or your hair. Worse yet, hard water reduces the effectiveness of laundry detergent.
  • Damaged clothing. Hard water won’t just leave clothes dirtier. Because it leaves mineral deposits on fabric, hard water also makes clothing look dingy and feel coarse.


How to Put an End to Hard Water With Ben Holzer Unlimited

Do you want to prevent extensive damage to your plumbing and water heater? Do you want to avoid unsightly staining in your shower and sinks? Do you want to stop wearing discolored clothing and feeling filmy when you step out of the shower? Then the solution is simple: Ben Holzer Unlimited’s water treatment solutions!

Our expert hard water treatment services include careful water testing. In addition to measuring calcium and magnesium levels, we also perform testing for iron – a mineral that leaves unsightly brown stains on plumbing fixtures, and which can also damage appliances in high enough concentrations.

Once we have apprehended precisely how hard your water really is, we’ll be able to recommend the most effective water treatment method for your unique needs and budget. In addition to residential and commercial water softeners, we offer reverse osmosis systems which supply perfectly pure and clean-tasting water. We’ll even provide you with the salt you’ll need in order to keep your new water softener fully effective against the Otter Tail and Becker County area’s abnormally hard water.

If you’re ready to transform water quality in Perham, MN or the surrounding lakes community, then we welcome you to contact Ben Holzer Unlimited Water today. We install and service water softener and reverse osmosis filtration systems that are suitable for all types of properties, and we’re standing by to deliver all the pure drinking water your family needs!